25 successful years of innovation and exceptional quality. Pakwel provides you best industrial products taking care of both quality as well as pricing standards. Pakwel started its journey in 1995, with the vision to lead the power control industry. With persistent team efforts, Pakwel successfully climbed the industrial ladder to become one of the Pakistan’s leading power control company. Pakwel produces more than 15 products under three product groups. We have the technological capability and a team of innovative professionals to manufacture Magnetic Separators for “sugar cane and refine sugar”, Welding Transformers, Battery Chargers, Rectifiers, Industrial Rectifiers and L.V. switchgears. We cater to core economic sectors such as power generation, transmission & distribution and renewable energy, to name a few. We believe that the services that we provide to our customers are not just another department in our company, it’s an attitude that we carry with ourselves every day.

Low Voltage Switchgears

It is applicable to power consumers of power plants, substations , industrial and mining enterprises, electric energy conversion, distribution and control of power, lighting and power distribution equipment in power distribution system.

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Tramp Iron Magnetic Separator

Tramp Iron Magnetic Separators are designed for installation over conveyors where tramp iron contamination exists and needs to be removed for protection of subsequent processing machinery or providing cleaner product.

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Power Rectifiers & Transformers

Power Transformer is used in power system. It step up the generated power from power station and transmitted to near locality of consumer. Power rectifiers are electrical devices that convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).

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