L.T. Panels

  • PAKWEL made Low voltage switchgear provides optimized solution to meet various customer’s needs.
  • Low voltage switchgear is designed and produced to construct high quality power system such as plants and buildings.
  • It realizes compact size and also secures customer’s convenience and safety.
  • PAKWEL Low voltage switchgear is a high performance & high quality product that comply with IEC 61439-1&2, so it can be used all kinds of industrial field.
  • Channel base
  • Bottom plate
  • Cable compartment
  • Corner piece
  • Multi function wall
  • Right side plate
  • Main bus bar clamp
  • Frame
  • Pressure relief cover
  • Top plate
  • MCCB operate handle
  • Position window
  • Unit barrier
  • Main bus bar
  • Vertical bus bar
  • Finger proof barrier
  • Safety shutter
  • Left side plate
  • Primary plug of main circuit
  • Secondary plug of main circuit

  • Control circuit plug
  • Lamp plate
  • Gear unit
  • Interlock unit
  • Unit ass’y (300mm)

Stability and Reliability

  • Designed to meet the IEC61439-1&2 standard
  • Protection degree: IP43 (Up to 54)
  • Form 1a, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4a, 4b structure – Prevention fault spread by metal partitions.

Compact size

  • Reduce installation space – Save space by 20% compared to the conventional model
  • Adopted ½ unit construction
  • Flexible design for installation space

Safety and Convenience for User

  • Usability improvement through 3-way unit withdrawal type (ASTA certification)
  • Independent modular structure for maintenance
  • Screw type in/out assembly
  • Structure and various options for user safety – Segregation of the bus bars by applying multi function wall – Gear device indicator padlock – Draw in/out interlock
  • Easy unit position change


  • Manufacturing industry
  • Small size power plants
  • Airport and railway
  • Water and wastewater
  • Commercial and residential complexes
  • Hospitals, hotels, resort and shopping malls

Please contact qualified service technician when you need maintenance. Do not disassemble or repair by yourself.